We represent global digital talent across diverse industries:  technology products, entertainment, lifestyle, luxury,  and consumer goods. 

We match talent to forward thinking clients that span from award winning digital agencies, design studios, product design, startups,  technology and global brands. 

  • Marketing: E-commerce, strategy and digital communications
  • Data Sciences :   Data visualization, engineering and  analytics
  • Product design:  UI, UX, and development
  • Emerging technology:  Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality,  artists, developers and production


What sets MAVIN apart

a boutique talent acquisition solutions agency

  • Our in house corporate industry experience, knowledge of business infrastructure, market trends, specialized search capabilities; trusted relationships with diverse clients and world class global talent.
  • Hand selected talent built on cultivated and trusted relationships specific to your needs in evolving the success of your career and our client's strategic hiring needs.
  • Quality candidates vs quantity of profiles.
  • Customized service solutions options

New york & Paris

HQ in NYC and located in Paris.  It is a privately held  entity specializing in  the digital expertise of  HR  and  international talent representation throughout the US, EU and APAC market.  

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